Hakuna Matata was founded in April 2010 by Anna and Davide Serra, after they were introduced to two incredible people, Fausta Pina and Father Tarcisio Moreschi. Fausta and Father Tarcisio’s work in Central Tanzania inspired them to support their project ‘Help The Village’. Hakuna Matata is committed to providing 6,500 Euros per month to ‘Help the Village’ for the next 15 years.
Funding began in 2010, and the fund will endeavour to donate at least a third of all monies collected through external donations. The remaining funds are invested to ensure that ongoing finances for the project of ‘Help the Village’ are met. Hakuna Matata will give grants to other projects on a case by case basis; 90% to children related projects and the other 10% to adhoc projects.

Charity Registration 1135589